Hang Drums


Hang Drums-The Musical Instrument

Every day, people are depending on music to get by without getting bored. It is really very entertaining, especially if you are listening to the type of music that use interesting instruments. Do you want to learn more? Visit http://hangdrumsale.com/.Sometimes, people want to hear something other the usual. It gets pretty common when you are only hearing the usual piano, guitar or even the typical beat of the drums. 

hang drums

It is not these are already not worth listening but sometimes, something new is what our ears are after. This is what Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer, musicians from Bern, Switzerland, were thinking. This is what inspired them to enhance the already interesting steelpans into hangpans. This look like a UFO which is already something that can spark a person's interest. This is simply hollow inside with seven or eight holes around one center hole. You should only tap this gently with your finger or hands to avoid detuning it. 

hang drum

There are musicians who already established their name in the industry as an impressive hang drum player. It is not something easily learned but if you have the passion for this type of music, all you need to do is own one. Find something that was produced by PanArt, the brand of Felix and Sabina, even if these are only second-hand products. They stopped production in 2013 but around 800 of these drums were made and you can still find ways to get one for yourself. Just be sure that you buying an authentic hangpan and not be scammed.